Lower Back Pain

Lower back pain is common amongst people of all ages and can have negative consequences on everyday life. For instance, severe back pain can cause people to miss out on work, become less productive and find it difficult to engage in physical activities. Luckily, physiotherapy can help ease your symptoms so you can feel your best again.

The causes of lower back pain

There are a wide range of causes for lower back pain, including poor posture, disc injury, strain, and certain medical conditions such as arthritis. Although back pain can affect anyone, the risk increases with age. Older people have a higher risk of back pain due to factors such as working for a long time in a physically demanding job or degenerative disk diseases.

Physiotherapy for lower back pain

At Juan Carstens Physiotherapy, we use Orthopaedic Manual Physical Therapy, dry needling and gentle therapeutic exercise to ease the symptoms of lower back pain. The aim of this therapy is to improve the symptoms of the lower back injury and allow you to move freely. Physiotherapy will also increase physical function, reduce pain, and teach you a maintenance program to prevent future back problems.

The benefits of physiotherapy for lower back pain

  • Helps with pain management as you recover
  • Improves movement mobility
  • Speeds up your recovery from an injury
  • Prevents further injuries to your back
  • Improves your balance
  • Manages age-related back problems
  • Helps avoid possible surgery