Our Mission

At Juan Carstens Physiotherapy & Prehab, our mission is to give our patients a stellar physiotherapy experience and the best results possible.

To achieve this goal, we strive to offer the highest level of care and service to each of our patients. Our professional, educational, data-driven approach ensures that our patients achieve their personal and professional goals through treatment which fits into their lifestyle seamlessly. 

Our patients enter our practice with confidence, knowing they will receive the best possible care and that all of their unique circumstances will be considered throughout treatment. They leave the practice with ease of mind, knowing that they are on the right path and that their journey to recovery has begun. 

Whether you are a professional athlete, a sports enthusiast, in a job with high physical demands, or someone who had an unfortunate accident or illness - Juan Carstens can guide you through rehabilitation and help you achieve your full potential.

About Juan Carstens

Juan Carstens’ success as a physiotherapist can be attributed to his strong academic background and his passion for sports. He has completed numerous ultra marathons (Comrades, Two Oceans), triathlons (Ironman), and ultra trail running events (UTD100, Puffer, UTCT100, UTCT65, Cederberg100, Karkloof 100miler). His devotion to endurance sports initiated a career change into physiotherapy; this encouraged him to complete a Bachelor of Science degree at The University of Stellenbosch (2016).

His community service year was completed in Tzaneen, Limpopo (2017). Whilst living there, he completed a variety of Postgraduate courses, including Dry needling and Kinesiology taping to further develop his clinical skills.

Juan has a special interest in Orthopaedic Manual Therapy (OMT), which is now known as Advanced Neuro-Musculoskeletal Physiotherapy. He has a postgraduate qualification in OMT, a physiotherapy methodology which involves precision treatment and is based on clinical reasoning.

After completing his community service year, he worked for two years at a private sport and orthopaedic practice in Cape Town, CBD. During his time there, he gained valuable knowledge and experience and decided it was time to start his own practice.

Juan’s passion for optimal recovery and function is clearly visible through his comprehensive assessment and diagnostic/treatment sessions in a variety of cases. He is a thorough and enthusiastic therapist, with the approach of a perfectionist, committed to obtaining the best results for his patients. His extensive knowledge related to sport and orthopaedic pathologies, both from his own involvement in sports and his clinical skill, puts him in a unique position as a therapist to connect with his patients. Juan strives to deliver exceptional services at all times, always leaving his clients satisfied.

What to expect

Your journey to optimal form and function begins with a subjective evaluation - a detailed assessment to determine your problem areas and the extent of your injuries. 

The assessment includes a consultation, during which Juan will ask a range of questions related to your condition, and a full-body movement screening, which will include an evaluation of your range of motion and a manual assessment to help form a complete diagnosis and identify the best treatment options for your unique case.

Treatments are individualised and often include a combination of a few techniques. As an experienced practitioner, Juan will recommend treatment options that would give you the best possible outcomes for your unique case. Some of the treatment he may recommend include:

  • Joint mobilisations
  • Manual muscle release
  • Dry needling
  • Neural mobilisation
  • Fascia gliding
  • Foundational exercises
  • A home exercise programme

There are certain lifestyle factors that could affect your treatment, such as wearing incorrect footwear or having poor desk ergonomics while at work or at home. Juan can assist you in identifying any of these issues that could be hampering your recovery and guide you to better options.

Your treatment plan will follow a holistic approach, treating the entire body as a unit. When certain areas experience a load imbalance, you become more prone to injury. Juan Carstens factors these imbalances into his treatment plans to ensure his patients get the best possible results for his patients.

Juan may recommend follow up appointments. During your follow up appointments, Juan will track your progress and adjust your treatment plan if necessary. A typical follow-up appointment is 45 minutes long and includes an assessment to determine your progress and a consultation to determine whether you need any further investigation or a referral to any other specialists.